After 7 months

Of traveling in Afrika, Asia and South-America i learned something, we are carrying to much luggage. This is also what i have been doing in the last couple of years before i started my world trip. After 7 years of working as a freelancer i founded a second Telecom company together with two partners, and even though it was a success i still decided to sell my shares within the company in 2015 and started traveling in search for new experiences and the need to go ‘back to the basics'. Looking back at this period i decided this is how i want continue my career within Telecom by going back to my basics. There for i will be working solo again als freelance projectmanager or consultant within Telecom and infrastructure. Interested in my profile? Contact me for my resume and reference projects. Lesley van Splunter - JL Engineering



Network Design | Site Acquisition | Site Survey | As-built Permits | Reconstructions | Upgrades
Project Management | Interim Management | Change Management | Negotiation Management
Proces Optimization | Strategic Roll-out | Quality Assurance | Buying | IT Solutions
Miles of network deployed
Cups of coffee
Connections delivered


Broad knowledge of large optical, fixed and wireless network roll-outs within the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Optical fiber networks
Wireless technology
Telecom roll-out

About Lesley

From childhood taking toys apart to see if I could make it better, with a early passion for technology. After graduating from the Royal BAM institute as Telecommunications engineer i started designing optical fiber networks while being trained by several heavy weight Telecomprofessional as mentors. Today approaching 10 years of experience in Telecommunications. I have had several interim management and consulting positions at major contractors like VolkerWessels, Schuuring and Royal BAM working on large scale roll-out projects for T-Mobile, Vodafone, Eurofiber, Ziggo and KPN. I’m used to work in international teams with different skill sets and I have a broad knowledge of network infrastructure architecture and engineering.



    Telecom professional

    Available: 1-1-2018


    Annastraat 10, 3512GR Utrecht, the Netherlands
    E-mail: Phone: +(0031) 0681 462 930

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